Will the Status Quo Change?

Local television stations are in the middle of sweeps month, so if it bleeds it likely leads on your favorite station. The thing most of the stations will be watching is to see if the addition of Ted Hall as WVLT's anchor will move the needle.

Hall, a local ratings leader at WBIR before he went off to Atlanta, came back to Knoxville just before the last ratings period but results were murky, affected by Olympics coverage on NBC affiliate WBIR and weather making the news. (Todd Howell for news anchor?)

With a couple of more months in the anchor chair, this sweeps period may answer the question: Was Hall's past popularity due to his personality or to the fact that he was the anchor for WBIR, long the local ratings leader?

This ratings period will be a clearer picture as to whether WBIR's dominance is threatened.