Will Knox Get a New Senator?

Quick trivia question: Who is the longest-serving state senator for Knox County?

That would be state Sen. Randy McNally, an Anderson County Republican whose district has always included a section of West Knox County.

It is now theoretically possible that the new state senator for Halls, after reapportionment, could be from Hawkins County. State Sen. Mike Faulk's district stretches from the Kingsport suburbs to Union County. Knox County has more population than two senate districts and McNally's district is also on the high side. McNally would likely prefer to keep his Knox County voters, but he may have to give up some of them. It isn't likely that Blount County's Sen. Doug Overby will come across the river to take in part of Knox—he is overpopulated as well. So Faulk may have some Knox County voters added to his district.

But district lines are still being drawn and senators, like McNally, will have a major say in how their districts are finally drawn. It's still speculation at this point.