Who's That Guy with the Beard?

Why was Peter Jackson, the famed director of The Hobbit film trilogy, in Knoxville last week?

That was the question when his photo showed up on Redditt surrounded by the staff at the Sunspot, a Cumberland Avenue eatery. From the comments it appears that Jackson's son is attending the University of Tennessee, which has been abuzz about the famous visitor.

Facebook postings, including those at Knoxville.com's page, say his son's name is Billy and that Jackson was also spotted at Tupelo Honey.

The director of such hits as King Kong and The Lord of the Rings trilogy is from Wellington, New Zealand. How his son wound up at UT of all the universities available to a rich and famous director is something of a mystery. Not sure about the veracity of one of the commenters suggesting that Jackson's son wanted to be on the UT paintball team.