So Who's Claude Ramsey, Our New Deputy Governor?


Gov.-elect Bill Haslam has announced that his deputy governor and chief of staff will be Hamilton County Mayor Claude Ramsey. Ramsey has served four terms in office, is in his 70s, and was on Zach Wamp's campaign bus during the gubernatorial primary.

The Ramsey pick may be because Haslam made job creation and growing the economy the top issue in his campaign. Ramsey was instrumental in getting a 1,200-acre Army base transferred to local control and renamed Enterprise South Industrial Park. He was the local point man in landing the Volkswagen plant for Chattanooga. He is credited with creating 2,000 manufacturing jobs for the area. He has been in negotiation to land a major Amazon distribution center that will employ over 1,500 people at the Enterprise site and a similar facility in Bradley County. The build-out of the Enterprise Park is expected to add 8,000 jobs to the Chattanooga economy.