Who'll Replace Hamilton as UT AD?

To the surprise of no one (except for the timing), University of Tennessee Men's Athletic Director Mike Hamilton resigned on Tuesday. He'll remain on the job through the end of the month before taking a $1.3 million payout, but the question already on everyone's lips is who will replace him.

At the press conference, Chancellor Jimmy Cheek said he did not yet have a list of names drawn up, but if you believe that, we've got a lovely bridge in Brooklyn we'd like to show you. It's too soon to know whether once-again fan-favorite Phil Fulmer is on the list, much less at the top of it. But we do know that another prominent name being bandied about has preemptively removed herself from the running: Pat Summit.

Summit, wearing a hot pink silk blouse, sat in the media rows during Hamilton's press conference. Afterward, she took questions from a handful of reporters and emphatically stated that she was not interested in the job. It's hard to not see this as a wise decision on her part—Hamilton's job is not over the whole athletic department, just the men's programs, and as much as Vol Nation loves Summit, we doubt they're ready for a woman to take those reins.