Who Will Haslam Take With Him?

A favorite game at the lunch tables and the after-work watering holes these days is "Who will Bill take with him?"

"Bill" is Mayor Bill Haslam, who locals are confident will be the next governor, the guy who will need to fill a lot of positions in state government. It hasn't reached the bracket stage yet, but make up your list and get your bets down in the office pool. Campaigns cringe at the very idea of such discussion before an election and won't touch the subject. But that doesn't stop everyone else from speculating.

So will Gloria Ray be the Commissioner of Tourism? Dr. Jim McIntyre the Commissioner of Education? Will Deputy Mayor Larry Martin be on staff? What about Bill Lyons? Will Haslam friend and his first financial guru Chris Kinney be asked to serve?

Hey, if guys can sit around a sports bar and draft players for a fantasy football league, political junkies can do the same—only lamer.