Who Will Bite the Bullet?

The Guns in Parking Lots bill, pushed by the NRA, is thought to be a major agenda item for the legislative session beginning next month. Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey says he has already had the bill written.

The bill will easily get a House sponsor, but which senator will carry the bill? Any senator that steps up to handle the legislation will automatically be hammered by the business community on one side, which hates the bill, and the NRA on the other.

At issue is what will be in the bill and whether a compromise between the business lobby and the NRA is possibility.

One option would be have a senator carry the bill who is not planning to run for re-election. Or a pro-business senator could carry the bill to be sure anything objectionable to business does not get out of committee.

The bill allows workers with gun permits to keep gun in their vehicles while at work, even if the employer does not want guns on its property. It sets up a conflict between business property rights and Second Amendment rights.