Who Makes the Call

Who has the final say on subdivision regulations on hilltop developments, the Metropolitan Planning Commission or the Knox County Commission?

MPC has proposed new regulations and says it is their responsibility, but Commission has taken the view that it has final authority on enforcement of hilltop development.

State Sens. Becky Duncan Massy and Stacey Campfield and state Rep. Steve Hall, all Republicans, have sent letters to Commission asking that the issue be tabled until they can review state law on the matter and possibly resolve any dispute with legislation next year.

Developers and the Knoxville Chamber say the MPC has put too much of Knox County's land under strict hilltop development guidelines. A proposal in the last session of the Legislature to restrict MPC authority went to a summer study committee, presumably to die. But it appears the issue may be revived next session.

In the meantime, at its last meeting, Commission tabled any action on the new regulations.