Which Mayoral Candidate Has the Best-Paid Staff?

Candidates make much of their funds raised, but what gets less attention is how they spend it.

Mark Padgett blew away the Knoxville mayoral field in fund-raising for this quarter with $146,000, leaving him with $171,000 cash on hand and well ahead going into the heavy advertising last leg of the race. Padgett has raised a total of $271,800, but he has spent just over $100,000.

During the just finished three-month reporting period Padgett spent $22,357 on six consultants. Madeline Rogero just listed her six-person staff as payroll and it totaled $14,988. A difference of $7,369 in payment for staff.

Rogero raised $63,000 during the period and has $86,000 on hand.

Some of Padgett's largest expenditures included $1,000 for research (polling?) and $2,350 for fund-raising software and $1,342 for signs.

Rogero spent $4,772 on T-shirts (compared to Padgett's $295 T-shirt budget) and has a long list of small contributions to charity events she has attended.

The two candidates share an enthusiasm for the Seymour Times, a weekly in South Knoxville. Rogero spent $297 with them and Padgett $300. Rogero does have a subscription to the News Sentinel.

Ivan Harmon reports no paid staff and his only large expenditures are $1,500 for WNOX radio ads and $28,000 spent with Kennedy Maxwell—a video production service.