Which Coordinator is Favored?

Jimmy Haslam and his Cleveland Browns' fans will be watching the Super Bowl with more than usual interest this year. The Browns have two top candidates to be the new coach—the offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos and the defensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks.

Adam Gase oversees the most potent offense in the NFL at Denver. Dan Quinn has the number-one defense in the NFL in Seattle.

Haslam is under a lot of pressure from fans in Cleveland to make a good hire. His first coaching choice got fired after one year. That might give the next coach pause, since the Browns don't seem to be patient about results. And if the Browns hire Gase, he won't have Peyton Manning running his offense and setting records every game.

Some of the fans on the comment boards in Cleveland don't think the team can land either of the coordinators.

Unlike in Knoxville, where Haslam doesn't answer questions during his press availabilities about Pilot Flying J troubles, he does have to answer questions from sportswriters in Cleveland.