Where's Our Overload of Campaign Ads?

Tennessee is one of several Southern states holding a primary on Super Tuesday and you would think it might be ripe for some campaigning and some television ads. But the election, two weeks from Tuesday, seems not to have attracted much attention from the candidates.

We checked with two of the largest TV stations in Knoxville this week and neither has a full slate ad buy running up to the election. The only thing they have slated this week is a three day ad buy from the SuperPac supporting Mitt Romney. In Republican East Tennessee—in a major media market in the state.

The Southern states on Super Tuesday are normally very important for Republican candidates. No Republican can win without the heavily conservative Republican South. One TV executive, noting that sister stations in South Carolina didn't have enough spots to take all the money in the primary there, says the campaigns mostly ignoring Tennessee is puzzling to say the least.