Where "That Evening Sun" Got Its Trucks

People are going to see That Evening Sun to enjoy the movie, but some of them are also having fun spotting local landmarks like cafes, country roads, and farmhouses. Or trucks.

When the production company scouted for locations to shoot the movie in East Tennessee, they looked at the farmhouse at the Niceley family's Riverplains farm. It has been featured on Heartland Series segments and used in some of the cable television shows produced locally, like Oxygen's Snapped. The producers finally chose an empty farmhouse in Rockford for a principle location, but while at Niceley's they spotted a couple of vehicles in a shed. They pulled out a green 1968 Ford Ranger that state Rep. Frank Niceley bought new and still uses occasionally around the farm. Also, his copper-colored 1979 Jeep Cherokee.

In the movie, the green truck is driven by a redneck who has moved into the farmhouse owned by the Hal Holbrook character, who returns from a nursing home to discover the interlopers. Holbrook "buys" the Jeep Cherokee from a neighbor to have transportation. Holbrook reportedly enjoyed driving the Jeep and its three-speed manual transmission so much, he used it to get around town during shooting.