When's Quittin' Time?

Knox County Commissioner Greg "Lumpy" Lambert has taken possession of reams of documents from the Public Building Authority recording the comings and goings of the county's Sessions Judges from the parking garage.

Lambert says he is trying to find out if the judges would have time to hold an additional session in the afternoon which would reduce the workload of "night court" judicial commissioners, possibly eliminating a position or two and save the county money. The three judicial commissioners hold bond hearings and sign warrants after hours when Sessions Judges are not on duty. Lambert says he will not propose any changes until he has examined the data.

Lambert has been accused of trying to punish the judges for rejecting commission's appointment of former Judge David Creekmore to be a judicial commissioner. Lambert nominated Creekmore. Lambert says the judges were just mad because commission didn't pick their candidates. The judges also objected to Knoxville Vice Mayor Mark Brown, forcing Brown to resign his City Council seat in order to take the judicial commissioner job.

The factions on County Commission did a trade-off at the last meeting. Brown supporters on commission voted for Creekmore and Creekmore supporters voted for Brown. Creekmore has been working in the law director's office.