We Just Wanted a Good Debate

Tennessee's U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander joined 11 other Republicans to have dinner at the White House with President Obama to discuss, among other items, gun control. Alexander subsequently voted with 15 other Republicans (including U.S. Sen. Bob Corker) to prevent a filibuster on the gun bill and allow debate and a floor vote to occur.

Alexander was quick to send out e-mails back home assuring supporters that while he voted to allow the gun debate, he would certainly vote against the bill and he remains a supporter of Second Amendment Rights.

Alexander faces re-election next year and if he has an opponent it is likely to be someone from the right wing of his party. Alexander and Corker are often cited by national reporters and pundits as senators who are more bipartisan than some others in their party. This does not help Alexander with the Tea Party and gun rights groups back home.

Corker also attended an earlier dinner with Obama at a hotel near the White House. He says that although he didn't vote to filibuster he will vote against the gun bill.

So Alexander and Corker will vote against the gun bill. After the debate on the merits.