WBIR Blackout on DISH Averted

Local DISH satellite subscribers have already lost Mad Men and Breaking Bad, but as of now they won't be losing John Becker, Todd Howell or Robin Wilhoit. Not to mention Sunday night football, The Voice, or 30 Rock.

Gannett, which owns 19 television stations, including WBIR in Knoxville, has been locked in a standoff with the DISH network over the fees the network will pay to carry its local stations. Another issue is a DISH feature on its recorder that allows you to push a button and skip all the ads when you replay a show. The deadline was Sunday at midnight, but we woke Monday morning to still able to watch Abby Hamm. A deal had been hammered out overnight, though neither side is discussing the terms.

WBIR fans locally would have to switch to another provider or buy an antenna to keep the NBC affiliate.

DISH had a similar battle with the AMC network and its sister channel IFC. That resulted in both channels being dropped from the DISH service.