Wamp Raised Half a Loaf

Congressman Zach Wamp had a fund-raiser in his hometown Monday night over at Thunder Thornton's house and raised a little less than half that raised at Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam's first hometown fund-raiser.

Wamp reported over $600,000 raised at the fund-raiser, also hosted by former U.S. Sen. Bill Brock, but said he had other pledges and commitments pushing his total over $1 million.

Haslam reported raising $1.4 million at his fund-raiser at the Foundry earlier this month, his spokesman touting it as the largest "hometown" fund-raiser by a candidate.

John "Thunder" Thornton and his wife Eileen hosted the Wamp fund-raiser. Thornton and the Haslams have often been on the same team raising money for the University of Tennessee and political candidates, but are on different sides in the upcoming Republican gubernatorial primary.