Wamp and Haslam Do Lunch

So what did they talk about?

Congressman Zach Wamp and Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam attended the Flatwater Grill Summit in Oak Ridge last week, to have lunch at a very public table, and to bury the hatchet after a bitter primary fight for governor. Wamp has represented Oak Ridge in Congress for 16 years and much of the discussion was Haslam asking how the state government could be helpful in expanding jobs in Oak Ridge and in the defense industry in general. Economic development is a major priority for Haslam, and Wamp has been promoting a Tech Corridor for years.

But at one point they did discuss the bitter campaign. Haslam complimented Wamp on his campaign commercial featuring financial guru Dave Ramsey, popular singers, and Wamp's children. Reportedly, Haslam told Wamp the commercial was moving his numbers and that's when the Haslam campaign decided to shift tactics and put the hammer down on Wamp, with a bombardment of commercials identifying him as a Washington insider. Wamp conceded that given the public antipathy toward Washington these days he probably picked the worst time to run for governor from his seat in Congress.