Votes There for Midway

Knox County Commission voted to delay approval of the Midway Business Park until September because most of the existing Commission didn't want to vote on the controversial issue. When it comes up again, the Commission will be shrunk from 19 members to 11 and it will take only six votes for approval.

Insiders say the Chamber should be able to get a majority of the new Commission to vote for the project. The only possible roadblock will be likely incoming County Mayor Tim Burchett. Will Burchett go along with the Midway proposal? He has been critical of industrial development in Knox County and he was instrumental in amending a Bredesen administration bill that provides tax credits for developing brownfield industrial sites and saving farm land.

But the county has a $10 million investment in the property at Midway. Burchett would likely have to come up with some alternative to sway Commission.