Vist from House Speaker Kent Williams

House Speaker Kent Williams appeared on WBIR's Inside Tennessee on Sunday and he had high praise for the Knox County delegation, saying Knox County voters had excellent judgment in their choices and had one of the best delegations in the state. He also praised the two Democrats in the delegation, state Reps. Joe Armstrong and Harry Tindell, calling Tindell one of the smartest legislators. State Rep. Harry Brooks, R-Knoxville, also appeared on the panel and said Williams has done a good job and deserves reelection.

Williams was elected Speaker with his vote and the vote of Democrats and earned the enmity of many of the Republican caucus. The state Republican Party threw him out of the party, though the House caucus has refused to expel him.

Williams attended a fund-raiser in Shelbyville this week to support the Republican candidate in a special election, reportedly giving him a $7,500 contribution. William Marsh is the Republican candidate, opposing Democrat Ty Cobb in a special election to replace Cobb's brother, who took an appointment as Bedford County's Clerk and Master.