Victor Ashe Is Still a Source of Heartburn

Former Knoxville Mayor and Ambassador to Poland Victor Ashe continues to give his fellow board members heartburn. Ashe is on the board of governors for the agency that sets up and operates what used to be called the Voice of America, beaming broadcasts into totalitarian countries. The agency wanted to close a shortwave facility in North Carolina, the last facility still on American soil and under American control.

Ashe argues that facilities in other countries, especially in Asia, are not reliable because they do not want to antagonize China by broadcasting into Tibet. Ashe has worked with a North Carolina congressman to put up signs identifying the facility as the Edward R. Murrow broadcasting station, named for the legendary TV newsman who was from North Carolina, complete with Murrow's son attending a re-dedication ceremony to unveil the new signs.

This will make it even harder for the broadcasting staff to move to close the facility again.

Ashe has passed out his e-mail address to the employees and has solicited their "suggestions" of problems that need to be solved and has become a hero to many of the staff and a source of irritation to his fellow board members.