UT Wants Pro-Funding Candidates

It's very carefully worded, so as not to anger legislators, but it's a first for the University of Tennessee.

President Joe DePietro had sent an e-mail to alumni telling them that early voting is near and sharing the results of a UT survey showing that most alumni support more funding for higher education. A key question is the number of alumni who will consider a legislative candidate's support for higher education when voting.

The survey says 95 percent of alumni will consider a candidate's position on higher education funding.

The implication is that alumni should vote for legislators who support more funding for higher education. The higher-ed budget had taken hits in recent years, given that K-12 has to be funded and other non-discretionary spending, like Medicaid, has taken up a large percentage of the budget.

The e-mail stops short of naming names and keeps everything in the general-interest category.