UT Wants to Fire Cuonzo!

Okay, not really. But it is a sign of the digital times that sometime Sunday before the University of Tennessee announced that it was hiring Cuonzo Martin as its new men's basketball coach, a UT administrator was careful to register the Internet domain names firecuonzo.com, firecuonzomartin.com, and firecoachmartin.com. (There may be others that we haven't thought to look for.) According to the WhoIs Internet database, all three were registered through GoDaddy on March 27 by Christopher Echols, associate director of Internet communications for the UT Athletics Department.

Such defensive domain moves are par for the course in any major sports franchise these days. But they are usually a little more subtle—the domains firebrucepearl.com and firepearl.com, for example, were both registered to a company called Domains by Proxy that serves as a third-party broker for URL owners who want to protect their privacy. Anyway, you can only do so much. The English language offers a number of ways to express displeasure, which is why the domains ditchcuonzo, axecuonzo, and getridofcuonzo are still available for anyone who wants them.