UT Steps up Campaign for Eric Berry Heisman

Despite a series of clever videos and being the SEC defensive player of the year, Eric Berry's campaign for the Heisman Trophy doesn't seem to be catching fire. That's what happens when your team is 3-4, no matter how good you are.

The University of Tennessee athletic department has been campaigning for Heisman recognition for Berry. A series of videos, available on YouTube and at Berry4Heisman.com, has been produced. There is a play on the FreeCreditReport commercials with a group called the Loveberries and a Geico caveman take-off in which Berry is on an airport moving strip and passes photos of quarterback Heisman candidates. The latest is a rap video, complete with a dance troupe. Vol basketball star Renaldo Woolridge, aka Swiperboy, provides the rap while the chorus line strikes the Heisman trophy pose.

One of the rationales for the campaign is to let potential Vol recruits know about Berry and that the university promotes its players—especially all you potential Heisman winners out there in high school.