U.S. Attorney Office Could Leave Knoxville with Selection of Prosecutor

Congressional sources say Bill Killian, 60, appears to be the pick for the new U.S. attorney for East Tennessee. Killian is from Marion County and comes from a political family whose members have held a variety of local offices. He has been a prosecutor and a defense attorney.

He is also from the district of Congressman Lincoln Davis, the only federal Democratic officeholder in East Tennessee. If Killian is named, the main office of U.S. Attorney is likely to shift back to Chattanooga. Current U.S. Attorney Russ Deadrick is based in Knoxville. The U.S. Attorney has offices in Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Greeneville.

Melinda Meador, a Knoxville attorney, has been on the shortlist, but there were some objections from the Knoxville bar and she does not live in Davis' district. Lee Davis, a Chattanooga attorney, was also on the shortlist.

The Obama administration has already named U.S. attorneys for Middle and West Tennessee; the AP reports both are under 40: Jerry Martin, 36, from Nashville, and Edward L. Stanton III, 38, Memphis.

Note: The mention of "some objections from the Knoxville Bar" was not intended as a reference to the Knoxville Bar Association (KBA)