Tyler Harber Surfaces in Akin Campaign

Randy Neal posted a link to a Tyler Harber sighting on KnoxViews. Since leaving Knox County's employ under a cloud, Harber has been playing in the big time as a Washington D.C. political operative.

On the TPM blog, Harber is the spokesman for a Super PAC on behalf of Congressman Todd Akin of Missouri whose comments on "legitimate rape" caused a national controversy during his run against Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.

The Now or Never PAC supported Akin's opponent in the primary, but has dumped $1 million into Akin's campaign with an ad arguing that a Republican majority in the Senate is important and urging a vote for Akin. Akin proposed the novel theory that women who are "legitimately raped" have the biological ability to prevent pregnancy.

Harber was an aide to former Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale and he got into trouble for possession of private e-mails belonging to county Republican Party Chair Chad Tindell and for using his county computer to run political campaigns.