TVA Shows That Eco-Bully What's What

United Mountain Defense's Matt Landon has been a thorn in TVA's side ever since the Kingston Coal Ash Spill last December. Lately, though, Landon's ubiquity has gotten him into some trouble. Earlier this month, as he was driving a woman home from a UMD press conference, he was arrested after failing to stop at a TVA barricade he didn't see.

Landon was charged with trespassing on TVA property, and on Monday, he went to court in Kingston. According to his account, posted on the blog RoaneViews, he was informed by his public defender that he could face up to a year in jail if his case went to trial and he was found guilty. First, they offered him a "plead guilty and take a fine" deal, which he refused. Then they offered to drop the charges altogether, provided Landon agree to stay away from the area of the spill site and refrain from speaking to any TVA employees for six months. Understandably, he took the deal.