TVA CFO Must Have a Helluva Commute

Huge salaries for TVA executives are not exactly news. The new chief financial officer as of this week is John M. Thomas III, 46, who is to be paid $520,000 salary, have an annual salary "incentive" of up to 65 percent of his pay, and a long-term incentive plan for up to 125 percent of salary.

But he also gets a $450 car allowance—every two weeks. Or, $900 for four weeks.

Thomas was promoted from within TVA; he had been head of human resources, and before that was TVA's controller.

A News Sentinel FOIA request earlier this year revealed that Chair Tom Kilgore and Kimberly Greene, former chief financial officer, each made over $1 million. There were 17 employees with a combined salary of $7.3 million.