TVA Board Still One Short

It was announced with full fanfare last week that the TVA board is now at full strength with final Senate confirmation of four new or reappointed members. Well, not exactly.

Howard Thrailkill's term expired in May and his replacement or reappointment has not been made. He can serve until the end of this Congress. That allowed him to stay on the board and allowed the board to function with a five-person quorum until the new members arrived.

Sources in Washington say the "hold" on four TVA board members was an effort to get Thrailkill or another Alabamian on the board. The other appointments should mean a replacement or reappointment is imminent.

The Senate has approved the reappointment of Bill Sansom, to placate Tennessee senators, and three new members nominated by President Obama: Marilyn Brown, Barbara Haskew, and Neil McBride. The board now has enough members for a quorum even if Thrailkill's seat remains empty for a time.