Tuberville Was Available

Tommy Tuberville, the former Auburn football coach, was in New York last week, along with most of the college football world, at the Hall of Fame banquet. University of Tennessee officials were there to honor inductee Phillip Fulmer, the longtime Vol coach, and also to interview some coaches to replace Derek Dooley.

Tuberville let some members of the delegation know that he would love to move back east, back to the SEC, and specifically to be the Vol football coach. (Translation: Get me out of Lubbock, Texas.) He is not believed to have met with UT Chancellor Jimmy Cheek or Athletics Director Dave Hart, but he may have gotten wind of an impending hire.

By the time Butch Jones got to Knoxville to accept the UT job, Tuberville was in the process of being hired to replace Jones at Cincinnati. He was announced one day after Jones. Tuberville had coached at Old Miss as well as Auburn, and his overall record over 17 years is 130-77. He was 20-17 in his latest job at Texas Tech.