True Crime in Knoxville

You may have read enough about Raynella Dossett-Leath, what with her murder trials and all, but if you haven't...

True-crime writer Diane Fanning has a new book available on Amazon: Her Deadly Web, "The true story of a former nurse and the strange and suspicious deaths of her two husbands."

The book details the circumstances surrounding the death of her first husband, District Attorney Ed Dossett, who allegedly died in a cattle stampede. It didn't sound implausible to investigators.

Then there was the boyfriend and the attempted murder charge. She got six months in a mental hospital and then was released in time to marry her second husband, who committed suicide by shooting at himself two or three times. After two trials it was decided that explanation wasn't plausible.

Well, you've probably read the news accounts. Reviewers fault the book for grammatical errors, but East Tennessee reviewers enjoyed reading the entire tale in one place.