Tindell May Survive Republican Redistricting

Democrats are encouraged by the final makeup of state Rep. Harry Tindell's district. The Knoxville Democrat did get some new Republican precincts added to his district in reapportionment, bringing it to 54 percent Republican. But it could have been worse.

Tindell wound up adding Sequoyah Hills, west of downtown, and Bonnie Kate and Mount Olive in South Knoxville. The Republicans will have to find a good candidate to defeat Tindell and the state Democratic Party will likely pour a lot of money into keeping the seat, should Tindell choose to run.

Former Councilwoman Marilyn Roddy, who lives in Sequoyah, and current Vice Mayor Nick Pavlis, who lives south, have told friends they aren't running for the seat. County Commissioner Ed Shouse, who ran unsuccessfully for the seat covering that area when it also included a good bit of Jefferson County, lives just outside the current district lines.

The more-favorable tweaks at the last minute that benefit Tindell were not the result of benevolence on the part of Republicans. Other Republicans made their picks of precincts they wanted added to their districts and the three Tindell got were left over. State Rep. Steve Hall, R-Knoxville, added Rocky Hill and Deane Hill to his bailiwick.

A new district centered on Karns has not been fully processed by potential candidates, though Gary Loe, who ran unsuccessfully against Hall, may run for the seat.