Tim Burchett Finds Motorcycle Helmets Can Be Helpful

When County Mayor Tim Burchett tried to get off the asphalt before laying his vintage BSA motorcycle down last week, he almost made it—but he banged his head and left elbow on the pavement. (A tree on the side of the road broke his right wrist.)

Burchett "saw stars" but he was wearing a motorcycle helmet, as required by law. You may recall that as a state senator Burchett pursued an annual effort to repeal the state's mandatory motorcycle helmet law. He was not successful, though he got it through the Senate a few times only to have the repeal defeated in the House.

Burchett was just feeling relief in having avoided hitting a big buck deer shortly before the accident, when his rear tire deflated and he went into a skid. He concedes that if he had hit the deer it would have been bad, but the worst thing might have been the road-kill jokes. Burchett was called "Sen. Road-kill" for one of his bills that would allow anyone hitting game on the road to take it home for the freezer.

The county mayor's injuries were sustained on Amherst Road on Thursday night. Burchett kept his regular schedule on Friday, including a lunch-with-the-mayor event in Corryton. He finally went to see a doctor about his elbow only to discover he also had a broken right wrist.