Three Republican TN Legislators May Lose Their Primaries

It appears that there are three Republican incumbent state legislators who are dangerously close to losing their primaries today.

Chad Faulkner, who works for the Knox County Sheriff, represents Union and Campbell counties. He is trying to hang on against Dennis Powers.

Eric Swafford over in Cumberland County got in the middle of the election commission appointments last year, hacked off the local courthouse politicians, and may lose to Cameron Sexton, who was a field director for the Van Hilleary campaign in 2002.

Rookie Joe Carr, from down in Rutherford County, has been blasted for excessive per diem, though he lives in commuting distance to the Capitol. He left off campaigning last week to go to Arizona to deliver a House petition supporting the Arizona immigration law—which may have helped or hurt his campaign.

The seats may remain in Republican hands, but if the current officeholders lose that makes it easier for the Democrats to pick up the seats by not having to run against incumbents.