Texting OK'd for High School Students

Okay kids, you can use your phones in school. But keep it short. After its Monday workshop, the Knox County school board appeared ready to approve a change in its policy on "use of personal communication devices." While students in grades K-5 still won't be allowed to use them on school property (they can carry them in a backpack, turned off), and middle-schoolers will be permitted access only before and after school hours, high school students will be permitted to talk or thumb-type during lunch and between classes in the hallway. Superintendent Jim McIntyre said he had been reluctant to make the change, out of fear it would lead to a lot of late class arrivals, but principals assured him that tardiness would not be tolerated. Most board members seem to see it as a simple concession to reality: Teens are gonna text. And as Powell High School Principal Ken Dunlap told the board, "We're spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on technology, and yet most of our kids have the Internet right in their pocket."