Tennova HQ Likely in Nashville

The parent company of Tennova has been purchased by a community-hospital company that is headquartered in Nashville, and it appears unlikely that Tennova will retain any corporate presence in Knoxville as a result. Local employees who don't work directly for the company's hospitals in Knoxville may find themselves laid off or offered a transfer to Nashville.

At one point the company discussed turning the old Baptist Hospital on the banks of the river into corporate offices, but that property has been sold for development. In the meantime, Health Management Associates, a Naples, Fla.-based company that owns Tennova, has been purchased by Community Health Systems. The sale will be finalized sometime in the spring.

Tennova is in the process of trying to build a new hospital on Middlebrook Pike to replace the old facility off Broadway once known as St. Mary's.


Tennova officials say no decision has been made about the corporate staff once the new owners are in place and it is possible that there may be a role for Knoxville to play, such as a marketing function or other duties. They say it is premature to assume that there will be wholesale changes.