Tennessee Titans: What Might Have Been

You may have wondered why Pilot Flying J CEO Jimmy Haslam went to Cleveland to buy an NFL team, when there is an NFL team in Nashville. Friends say Haslam tried for years to buy the Tennessee Titans from Bud Adams, and Adams would consider offers but always came back with a no.

So Haslam gave up and bought a minority interest in the Pittsburgh Steelers and got to know other NFL owners, and when the Browns came up for sale he was positioned to buy.

Nashville fans have been unhappy with Adams and problems with the team and its miserable record of late. If Haslam had bought the team there would have been jubilation in Nashville.

But Tennessean sports columnist David Climer had a snarky column last week suggesting to Titans fans that it could be worse than Bud Adams—the team could now be owned by Jimmy Haslam.

Haslam's company is being investigated by the feds for shorting trucking companies of fuel rebates they were owed.