Tennessee a Red (Chinese) State?

Lloyd Daugherty, chair of the Tennessee Conservative Union, launched an ad campaign and video revealing that a "Red Chinese" company had bought an East Tennessee coal company, and called on legislators to support a ban on mountaintop mining. It was a hard-hitting ad coming from a conservative group against a Tennessee business sector, and it ended with a memorable line from Daugherty saying Tennessee is a Red State, but how Red do you want to be?

The ad led to an article in the Wall Street Journal and was widely viewed on YouTube.

Daugherty called a conservative friend and staffer at the capital to give legislators a heads-up and explained that he felt strongly about the issue and hoped there wouldn't be any hard feelings about his position. The staffer replied no problem, but he hoped Lloyd didn't have any hard feelings when they killed his bill.

The bill to ban mountaintop mining died in the Senate Environment and Energy Committee last week.