Tennessee Legislators Not as Educated as Those in Most Other States

Thank God for Mississippi. And Arkansas.

The Chronicle of Higher Education did a study on the percentage of state legislators who have a college degree. Among Southern states Arkansas has 60 percent of its legislators with college degrees and Mississippi has 70 percent. Tennessee comes in at 74 percent. Virginia 89 percent; Texas 86 percent; Florida 85 percent; South Carolina 83 percent; Alabama 82 percent; Georgia 82 percent; Louisiana 78 percent, and North Carolina 75 percent. The most educated legislatures are in California, 90 percent; Virginia's 89 percent; Nebraska 87 percent; New York 87 percent, and Texas at 86 percent.

The study concluded that state legislators tend to be better educated than their constituents. (Hoo-boy!) It was commissioned to discover if higher education was being underfunded because legislators had not been to college. But the study found that even in legislatures with a high percentage of college degrees it does not translate into more money for higher education.