Tea Party to Protest Pork-Barrel Spending

The countrywide movement will be hosted for Knoxville participants at World's Fair Park

Knoxville's Tea Party will be on Tax Day, the April 15 deadline for filing income-tax returns. The national protest movement has drawn hundreds and sometimes thousands of people in cities across the country to wave tea bags, symbols of the Boston Tea Party before the American Revolution, to protest pork-barrel spending and to urge tax cuts.

The event will be held at the Tennessee Amphitheater at World's Fair Park from 3-6 p.m. The group's website lists entertainment by the music group Blackwater (!) and speeches by Harold Black, from the UT business school, and County Commissioner Mike Hammond.

It's sponsored by the Patriotic Resistance group, whose national website describes it as a "network for idea-based resistance to (an) Obama-led socialistic agenda."