TCU Chief on the Mend

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander has been catching grief from conservatives and faces a challenge from state Rep. Joe Carr in the Republican primary, but not much has been heard from an old Alexander nemesis—the Tennessee Conservative Union.

The group, and its chair Lloyd Daugherty, famously campaigned as Tennesseans against Alexander in New Hampshire when Alexander ran for president. Bob Dole won the primary and went on to get the nomination.

Daugherty is recovering from an extended illness and should be back in fighting mettle by the time the Senate campaign gets under way. Daugherty said he is looking at the race during his recovery and hasn't decided whether to get involved or not. He said he has been consulted by national political operatives who have been in state to gauge the status of the race.

The TCU has often been at odds with the Republican establishment. It got its start campaigning against U.S. Sen. Howard Baker and the "give-away" of the Panama Canal. Over the years it has been a leader in fighting a state income tax and gives an "Ax the Tax" award to legislators who oppose it. They sponsor an annual Reagan Day Dinner.