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So did Florida's coach pick the guy he beat Saturday night?

University of Tennessee lore has it that Athletic Director Mike Hamilton went to the University of Texas in a vain attempt to hire Will Muschamp to replace the departing Lane Kiffen. Muschamp said he was happy at Texas (at the time he was the head coach in waiting), but having played for the University of Georgia and being a huge Vince Dooley fan, he suggested that Hamilton take a look at Dooley's kid, coaching at a little school down in Louisiana.

Muschamp and Derek Dooley had been assistant coaches at LSU under Nick Saban.

So Hamilton went down to Louisiana Tech and took a look and hired Derek Dooley to be the coach at UT. Muschamp finally figures out that his boss at Texas didn't plan to retire within the next 10 years, so he took the job at the University of Florida, replacing Urban Meyer.

So last Saturday night Muschamp brought his Gators into Knoxville to beat the guy he recommended for the job as UT's coach.