State Sen. Jamie Woodson Resigns (Officially)

Technically all the candidates for the state senate from Knox County have been running for a seat that isn't up for election. State Sen. Jamie Woodson had to delay her resignation until Saturday in order to fit the time frame to allow her replacement to be elected in conjunction with the Knoxville city election primary Sept. 27.

Until Woodson's resignation is official, Gov. Bill Haslam can't certify a vacancy and set the election schedule. So the three candidates have named treasurers, have begun raising money and campaigning in anticipation of the seat being open. Councilwoman Marilyn Roddy, Becky Duncan Massey, and Victoria DeFreese have announced for the seat.

In the meantime, the Knox County Commission is taking applications to appoint someone to the seat for the few weeks between Woodson's resignation and her successor is elected.