State Democrats Move to New Office Space

Elections have consequences. Or, maybe it's a coincidence.

Doug Horne, a former state party chair, led a spirited (and ultimately failed) effort to prevent Tennessee Democratic Party chair Chip Forrester from being re-elected to his post. The state executive committee ignored major donors like Horne and reinstalled Forrester in January to lead the party for another two years.

The state party, which has long had offices rented in a Horne building in downtown Nashville, has moved out. The new headquarters are now at 1900 Church Street in downtown Nashville. The space in the Horne building had represented a $50,000 per year revenue stream to Horne Properties.

As a large donor in past years, Horne's contributions offset the expense from the party's office rental. Whether Horne plans to continue to contribute to a Forrester-led state party is a matter of conjecture.