Stacey Campfield Ticks Off Donors

One of the things that state Rep. Stacey Campfield has done that irks his Republican colleagues is to use them to launder money. In past races, Campfield has sanctimoniously announced that he would not take PAC money. Then he would go to the Republican caucus members and get them to contribute money to his campaigns in order to hold the seat for the party. The caucus money, of course, comes from PACs.

When Campfield began running for the state Senate, he had to take PAC money in order to finance his campaign. Now it has been discovered that he used some of the money to pay off money he loaned to previous campaigns. It's all legal, but it has certainly pissed off people who gave him money for his state Senate race to find out he is using it to pay off his credit card debt from previous campaigns. It may have an effect on further Campfield fund-raising efforts.