Stacey Campfield Elected Gingrich Delegate, While Supporting Santorum

There has long been a complaint about electing delegates to national conventions. The delegates are listed alphabetically and those blessed with names starting with a letter after M see themselves as discriminated against. That's because people vote for the delegates having no idea who most of them are. Mitt Romney delegates were not thrilled with the ballot on Super Tuesday since Newt Gingrich delegates were listed first and you had to go through pages to get to the Romney list, on top of the alphabetical bias.

They point to the fact that state Sen. Stacey Campfield had the second-highest vote total of any delegate in the state. He was on the Gingrich first page, his name starts with a C, and he certainly has high name recognition due to the various controversies he has been involved with. The irony, of course, is that he is elected as a Gingrich delegate and was the state co-chair for Gingrich. But he endorsed Rick Santorum three days before the election.

One suspects the Gingrich campaign will be in touch with the state Republican Party to discuss the issue.