Sorry About That

Three weeks before the election, a poll showed Republican Stacey Campfield up 20 percent over Democratic opponent Randy Walker for a Knox County state senate seat, but Knox County was papered over with mailers the last two weeks taking hard shots at Campfield and it appeared his lead might be dwindling.

But Campfield came to the Republican Party celebration at the Crowne Plaza at 9:30 p.m. On election night with a 20 percent lead in final unofficial returns. Most of the crowd was down the hall whooping it up for Mayor Bill Haslam's victory in the governor's race. Campfield thanked his supporters and noted that a lot of people were not happy that he had won. He said his response to those people is: "Sorry."

As Campfield left the podium, Knox County Republican Chair Ray Jenkins noted that was the "only apology you will get from Stacey Campfield."