Sometimes Sanity Prevails

Watch for state legislators to quietly ease off support for a bill introduced by state Sen. Mae Beavers, R-Mt. Juliet, because just being anti-Obamacare isn't enough. Sanity and common sense need to come into play.

Beavers introduced a bill she told colleagues would outlaw the Affordable Care Act in Tennessee and got initial support for the idea. Then someone read the bill.

Among the questions arising from the language in the bill: Is signing up for insurance through the federal exchange, using the federal website, a criminal act? If a community hospital treats patients covered by Obamacare, are they breaking the law? Can any health-care agreement or insurance policy purchased under Obamacare be enforced, since Tennessee courts would be prohibited from recognizing such agreements?

Some senators have suggested the bill is not what was advertised when they voiced support.

The bill was crafted by a Tea Party group and based on a court case in which the feds were prohibited from commandeering local police agencies. There will likely be an effort to prevent the bill from coming to a vote, because Republicans don't want to have to vote against a bill to kill Obamacare, even when it's insane.