So Who Works for Who?

The guy who will oversee an internal investigation of Pilot Flying J was once Gov. Bill Haslam's boss and now he works, indirectly, for Bill Haslam. Haslam, of course, is one of the owners of Pilot Flying J.

Brad Martin is a longtime Pilot board member. When Martin headed a chain of department stores, he hired Bill Haslam to run the online division of Saks Fifth Avenue. Martin is now the interim president of the University of Memphis, governed by the Board of Regents, of which Haslam is the chairman. Martin is on the board of the University of Memphis and when the university president resigned, he stepped in to run the school. A new president will likely be hired by the middle of 2014.

Martin has been designated by Pilot Flying J as the board member to receive the report by an internal investigator hired by the company after the FBI raided the company headquarters and, according to a search warrant, looked for evidence the company has been short-changing some of its trucking company clients on diesel rebates.

Pilot Flying J CEO Jimmy Haslam announced that Reid Weingarten will head up the company investigation. Weingarten is a former federal prosecutor who went on to become a top white-collar defense attorney for figures involved in the Enron and Worldcom scandals. One of his most recent clients is Jesse Jackson Jr., the Illinois congressman who resigned for campaign fund irregularities.