So Who Gets the Report?

Pilot Flying J has launched an internal investigation in the wake of the FBI's raid on its headquarters with a search warrant accusing the company of shorting trucking companies on rebates. The results of the investigation are to be turned over to the company's board of directors, according to CEO Jimmy Haslam.

But who are the members of the current board of directors?

As we noted in last week's cover story, Pilot, as a private company, does not have to release board member names. But we asked anyway.

A spokesman for the company refused our request for a list of current board members, saying the company has decided not to release the names to protect members' privacy.

But the make-up of the board will help determine the credibility of the results of the investigation. How many family members are on the board? Haslam family friends? Or outside business executives? Jim Haslam, founder of the company, and Jimmy Haslam are on the board. The board also includes representatives of CVC Capital Partners, an investment group that owns less than 20 percent of Pilot Flying J. But the rest are unknown.