Should Clayton Have Been Stopped?

After state Democrats decisively lost the Tennessee House and Senate in the 2010 election there was a move to dump state Chair Chip Forrester. Big money contributors like Doug Horne favored replacing Forrester with Matt Kuhn of Shelby County. Forrester rallied members of the executive committee and won re-election to a two-year term in January 2011.

There are calls now for his ouster, which is unlikely, but there will be a concerted move to prevent his being re-elected to another term. The next election for party chair is in January, but candidates for the post will likely emerge after the November election.

The party has had to disavow the winner of the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate because he usually votes Republican and is an officer of an organization that has been classified as a "hate group." Nominee Michael Clayton should have been vetted and should not have been allowed to run on the Democratic ticket, critics say. (Besides that, he is a buddy of state Sen. Stacy Campfield, R-Knoxville, and supported Campfield's Don't Say Gay bill.)

An attorney is still researching whether the state executive committee can remove Clayton from the Democratic ticket and replace him with another candidate.